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“Education does not transform the world. Education changes people. People transform the world.” – Paulo Freire

Socio-environmental Education

We believe in sharing knowledge for an integrated transformation!

Since 2008, we have carried out Socio-environmental Education projects as courses, trainings, workshops or lectures, always focusing on sustainable development, water, permaculture and environmental education.

During our courses we try to make people aware so they can rethink their attitudes and habits, and introduce innovative tools regarding integrated water management – so that anyone can make their relationship with the environment more harmonious.

Our encounters are conducted by the founder of ÁguaV, the environmental engineer Leonardo Tannous graduated by SENAC with Professor’s Degree in permaculture. Leonardo is also a landscapist graduated from the Escola Municipal de Jardinagem SVMA, Designer for Sustainability formed by the Eccovillage Design Program – Gaia Education and educator.

We invite you all to expand your knowledge and join us!

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Locations in Brazil: SP, RJ, BA, CE, MG

Other countries: Venezuela

See some numbers:

Courses since 2008: 66 courses (7 per year)
Minimum duration: three hours
Maximum duration: 120 hours
Number of participants: 2000 people