Maresias Residential

Ecological wastewater treatment

Project: Ecological wastewater treatment

Client: Ricardo Mareca

Year: 2013

Location: Maresias, SP

Capacity: 18 residents

Property type: Residential

Purpose: Water for irrigation of the green areas, the laundry, external and internal cleaning;

Installed system:

  • Blackwater: septic tank built with concrete rings followed by infiltration ditch in parallel.
  • Greywater: connected sedimentation and grease boxes followed by horizontal flow filters and fertility nuclei.

Technical characteristics:

  • Coastal region devoid of effluents collection, removal and treatment;
  • High standard property;
  • Land with very low infiltration potential;
  • Limited area available for treatment;
  • Separation between Greywater and Blackwater;
  • Seasonal use of the rental suites;
  • Filter beds made from civil construction waste;
  • Low natural light incidence;