Julita Institution I

Rainwater harvesting

Project: Rainwater harvesting

Client: Julita Institution

Location: São Paulo, SP

Project year: 2013

Execution year: 2014/Jan

Covered area: 900m²

Kind of building: business

Purpose: water for irrigation of forest orchard, water for ornamental lake and drip irrigation to an area of forest recovery.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Semi-buried cisterna made from iron and concrete holds up to 35,000 liters of rainwater collected;
  • Project designed according to the terrain topography, taking advantage of the force of gravity and eliminating the use of bombs;
  • Low cost filtration system, easy operation and maintenance;
  • Low-cost cistern and easily replicable;
  • Execution take shape as a theoretical-practical development course for masons and construction workers from the project region.