Israeli Center for Multidisciplinary Support

Rainwater harvesting

Project: Rainwater harvesting

Location: São Paulo – SP

Project year: 2016

Execution year: 2016

Covered area: 430m²

Property type: business

Purpose: Water for use in laundry, toilets, external cleaning and irrigation.

Technical characteristics:

  • Project designed to minimize inundation on site;
  • Decentralized system, with 03 cisterns for different uses in different places of the property;
  • Total storage volume of 14,000 liters;
  • Complementary treatment system through physical filter, activated carbon and ultraviolet light;
  • Extravasation of reservoirs integrated to sustainable urban drainage systems, aiming at minimizing inundation on site;
  • Application of sustainable drainage techniques (rain gardens, lawns and planter’s).