Casa Hope

Rainwater harvesting

Project: Rainwater harvesting

Client: Casa Hope

Covered area: 680m²

Property type: business

Purpose: Water for irrigation of the green areas, laundry, external and internal cleaning;

Technical characteristics:

  • Cistern built on a base of concrete;
  • Total storage volume of 30,000 Liters;
  • Complementary treatment system through automatic industrial filter of ZN Zeolites followed by an Activated Carbon filter produced from babaçu coconut husks impregnated with silver in order to inhibit bacteriological contamination of activated carbon;
  • Automatic rotation between the main and the reserve pumps, increasing the service life of the equipment and minimizing maintenance requirement;
  • Disinfection using Ultraviolet Light;
  • Elevated reservoir in the celling (2,000L). Gravity based water supply system.