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“If you have to deal with water, first consult experience, and then reason.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Based in São Paulo, ÁguaV – Construindo Sustentabilidade has basic sanitation as its core business, developing technical projects and viable, economic and efficient solutions in the segment of integrated planning of residential properties and business ventures with focus on sustainable water use.

It operates with efficient water supply and consumption systems, use of rainwater and biological treatment of effluents envisioning reuse, projects for sustainable drainage urban systems, harvesting and use of mine waters, groundwater table and springs, irrigation systems, design or retrofit of natural swimming pools and ornamental lakes.

In the segment of environmental education, ÁguaV – Construindo Sustentabilidade offers training, development and courses in several aspects of sustainability.

For more than five years in the industry of projects and constructions monitoring and for ten years disseminating the environmental awareness with our courses, we count on specialized professionals designing multifunctional customized systems focusing at simplicity of operation and maintenance, low energy consumption and durability. In our courses and trainings, we adapt the speech to the audience, guaranteeing the understanding and assimilation of the content.

In this scenario, ÁguaV – Construindo Sustentabilidade has developed a system of internal procedures and project stages that guarantees the deadlines, integrates the client to the project brainstorming ensuring his satisfaction, provides documents and “deliverables” that give confidence and support for the execution of the services, in addition to acting and giving support to the clients since the conception of the project until the post-construction, acting within the Brazilian norms and current laws.

With services rendered in the main Brazilian states and abroad, ÁguaV – Construindo Sustentabilidade understands that any client who is interested in applying water sustainability techniques in their propriety, whether it is a residence, condominium, hotel, shed, among other possibilities must be honored, this is why we have different categories of service, as follows:


Counseling in the segments of our business;


Elaboration of executive level technical projects, compatible with other companies;


Monitoring and assistance of constructions and projects, ensuring the feasibility and operation of the systems;


Training, development and courses in the several aspects of sustainability related to integrated management of water.


Rainwater harvesting

Ecological wastewater treatment

Natural Swimming Pool

Mine and spring water harvesting

Floating Islands

Sustainable drainage urban system

Socio-environmental education

Environmental assessment

ÁguaV Team

We work alongside with a MULTIDISCIPLINARY TEAM that contributes to our activities according to the SPECIFIC DEMAND OF EACH PROJECT.

Leonardo Tannous

Leonardo Tannous


Benjamin Boudler

Benjamin Boudler